Our electrical contracting division  involves installing and maintaining electrical power systems, conduits, cables, control panels, generators, lighting systems, video and data systems, and low voltage systems (fire alarms). Our three major categories of contracting work are new construction (50 percent of business); electrical systems replacement in existing buildings (“retrofitting,” 30 percent); and maintenance, repair, and replacement (MRR) work (20 percent). We often work as subcontractors on large projects.

Industrial clients look towards   MHM Contracting as their single source to install and manage complex and diverse energy management process. MHM Contracting have developed a reputation and have   specialized expertise’s  to execute quality job with value engineering options, without sacrificing schedule or outputs.

Design/Build Projects
Due to our enriched experience of our engineers and construction crews; MHM Contracting can design and install a total energy solution that meets the specific requirement. We are very adept in managing the dynamic nature of design/build projects, along with their inherent time restraints and strict quality assurance.

Uninterruptible Power Systems
Uninterruptible power systems have become a mainstay in today’s hi-tech driven business environment due to constant data transfers, manufacturing and communication needs. An uninterruptible power system protects an existing installation by providing backup or stable power for a client in the event of an unexpected power failure. Whether it’s a   24-hour operations of newspaper production or the critical needs of a hospital surgical unit, MHM Contracting is well equipped to develops UPS  system which will assure the clients that all the necessary internal system will remain 100% functional  on the occurrence of  power failure.